Some more examples of my pottery. Some of these images are from my not-ready-for-primetime pottery site. I liked some of the photos, so I thought I'd put a few up here as well.

When I started to make pottery, I mostly made earthenware (lowfire) because the low firing temperature allowed me to use brighter, "painterly" colors. However, over the years I have discovered more and more colorful ceramic glazes and underglazes that can survive high firing temperatures. So I do a lot more stoneware these days.

Cowboy Mug, stoneware
Stoneware "cowboy" mug

Blue cobalt floral bowl, stoneware
Stoneware bowl with cobalt blue floral decorations painted on the surface.

Tan Leaf Bowl, stoneware
Stoneware leaf bowl on tan speckled clay

Earthenware 'Half Dome' Mug
Earthenware "Half Dome" mug. I painted Yosemite National Park on a mug - well, because I love Yosemite!

Floral Leaf Bowl, stoneware
Stoneware leaf bowl

Dick Blick Art Materials - one of my favorite mail order pottery suppliers. They sell Laguna, Duncan, and Amaco brand glazes - both earthenware and stoneware. Dick Blick even offers their own line of glazes (I haven't tested them yet - it's on my list!). Plus, they have potter's wheels, and many other pottery supplies!

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